The NPAGR Board of Directors shall:

A. Consist of the Executive Committee and the standing committee chairpersons.

B. Have regular meetings (at least quarterly during the year) about which each of its members shall be notified as to time and place. C. Have special meetings, if needed, which shall:

1. be called by the President at any time, or be called by any member of The NPAGR Board of Directors upon receipt of the written request (including a statement of the purpose or purposes of the proposed meeting) and accepted by at least 50%   The NPAGR  Board of Directors.

2. be limited to the members of The NPAGR Board of Directors.

3.  include only such business as was stated in the notification as the purpose or purposes of the meeting.

D. Allow each of its members one vote at its meetings, and, in the event of a planned absence, allow any member to have a proxy vote by notifying the President or Secretary who will be holding his/her proxy for that meeting.

E. Determine the presence of a quorum, which shall:

1. be defined as the presence of at least half (1/2) of all the members of The NPAGR Board of Directors and must include either the President or the President-Elect.

2. continue to be considered a quorum and approve actions and have these actions remain valid despite any member of The NPAGR Board of Directors originally present for the quorum determination count having withdrawn from the meeting prior to its adjournment (such adjournment being proper and allowed despite such withdrawal).

F. Approve the annual budget.

G. Develop, implement, and monitor The NPAGR strategic plan.

H. Appoint members to The NPAGR Nominations Committee, to fill any vacancies therein.

 I. Notify the general membership of election results by announcement at the first general membership meeting following an election and by inclusion of results in the newsletter either by mail or electronically.

J. Leave in the treasury a sum equal to the unpaid bills or obligations for which The NPAGR is responsible.

K. Not be compensated for services rendered in The NPAGR Board of Directors capacity.

L. May have a member resign from The NPAGR Board of Directors at any time by presenting a written letter of resignation to the President, who shall then present it to the Board of Directors at the next meeting, such resignation becoming effective at the time the letter is presented (or at such other time as is specified in the letter), without any official acceptance of the resignation necessary, though such resignation shall not discharge any accrued obligation or duty of the resigning member.

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