1. Each Voting Member of The NPAGR in good standing (as determined by the Membership Committee) shall be entitled to vote by mail or email in elections.

  2. At least four (4) weeks prior to any date on which an election is to be held, the Nominations Committee will either email an electronic ballot or mail a printed copy of the ballot to each Voting Member of The NPAGR .  

    1. For those voting with printed ballots:

    2. In addition to a printed ballot, the member will also receive biographies of the candidates, an envelope marked "BALLOT" into which the completed ballot is to be inserted by the voter, and a preaddressed return envelope with the member's name preprinted thereon and a place for the member's signature under the preprinted name. The Ballots are to be returned to the Chairperson of the Nominations Committee in the provided envelope postmarked or hand delivered no later than the deadline stated in the election materials.
    3. For those voting by electronic ballot:

    4. At least four (4) weeks prior to the date on which an election is to be held, the nominations committee chairperson will post the nominees names and biographical information on the NPAGR website for voting. The membership will have an opportunity to vote for the nominees online for a time frame selected by the nominations committee, not to exceed 7days in length. After the 7 day time allotment the names will be withdrawn from the website. Votes will be electronically tallied by the Web mistress, and submitted to the Nominations committee. The Nominations committee will then tally all written and computerized votes and submit the results to the board.
    5. If a member chooses to vote online they will not be allowed to vote by written ballot. The Ballots will be tracked by number, and that number will be entered on the computerized vote site, instead of the written ballot, in order to guard against duplicate votes.

  3. Voting Members of The NPAGR may vote for any Voting Members of The NPAGR other than those whose names appear on the ballot by writing in the names of qualified candidates who have signed a statement consenting to serve if elected.

  4. Results of elections shall be announced to The NPAGR Board of Directors, to the general membership, and to the nominees as provided for under Article IV: Board of Directors and by Article V: Standing Committees of these Bylaws as well as the Nominations Committee and the Communications Committee

  5. A plurality of qualifying votes cast by those entitled to vote and voting shall constitute a winner in the election. Should a tie occur for any position, the Nominations Committee members shall cast lots (drawing one name at random) and shall certify as elected the person to whom the lot falls.

  6. All ballots, credentials, and other records of the election shall be preserved by the Nominations Committee for a period of two (2) years after the election results are reported to The NPAGR Board of Directors.

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