The Nurse Practitioner Association, Greater Rochester

The name of this not-for-profit organization shall be The Nurse Practitioner Association Greater Rochester, hereinafter referred to as The NPAGR.
 The NPAGR is established to promote and maintain an organization of and for nurse practitioners, which shall be devoted to the advancement and improvement of the nurse practitioner profession, and which shall consider and act upon matters related to the professional and scientific interests of nurse practitioners and the promotion of improved delivery of health care to all individuals.
The objectives of NPAGR are to:
  1. serve as a local chapter of The Nurse Practitioner Association New York State, (The NPA), facilitating the involvement of local NPs in the activities of The NPA and national Nurse Practitioner organizations.
  2. advance the evolution of the nurse practitioner (NP) role.
  3. promote and interpret the role of NPs to other members of the healthcare profession and society at large.  
  4. monitor and evaluate proposed state and national legislative changes that would impact on the practice of NPs, informing members of said changes and their possible impact on health care delivery to the public.
  5. provide opportunities for continuing education based on academic and professional needs of NPs.
  6. facilitate communication and serve as liaison between NPs, as well as between NPs and other health care professionals.
  7. promote visibility and credibility among NPs, as well as between NPs and other health care professionals, health care agencies, and professional organizations and the public.
  8. maintain high standards of practice by promoting peer review, continuing education, and research.

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