The Nurse Practitioner Association York State, Greater Rochester Chapter Needs YOU

We are a growing and vital organization of and for nurse practitioners. Please volunteer to serve on one or more of the following committees. See our website ( for details about the organization.

Bylaws Committee: Reviews and proposes amendments to the bylaws every two years and as needed.

Finance Committee: Chaired by the Treasurer, this committee works with input from other committees and their chairs to develop the budget for the organization. This committee also develops policies regarding the finances of the Chapter. Financial or business experience is a plus, but is not required.

Legislation Committee: Educates our membership and the public about legislative issues relating to health care and nurse practitioner practice. Lobbies primarily at the New York State level. Participates in various legislative initiatives.

Nominations Committee: Seeks candidates for board positions and offices. Manages elections.

Practice Issues Committee: Addresses issues affecting nurse practitioner practice such as third party reimbursement, regulations, etc.

Program Committee: Develops and implements continuing education programs.

Communications Committee: Maintains the website, publishes the newsletter, and disseminates information to the membership. Computer literacy is a plus, but is not required. Help is needed with 1) getting the newsletter out (applying labels and stamps 4 times/year for approximately 2 hours each time), and 2) maintaining list of member email addresses, website postings, etc.

Please contact the respective committee or send this form back to Jane Tuttle c/o NPAGR PO Box 23556 Rochester, NY 14692 indicating your interests.

Please let us know even if you just want more information about a committee. This need not be a final commitment.

Your name: _________________________________________________________________

Email address: ______________________________________________________________

Phone number/best time to contact: ____________________________________________